Software and Internet Entrepreneurs are Changing the World!

There’s a new generation of entrepreneurs that cares more than just about short term money grabs, an all too often desire from wall street investors. The value of a company is in the intermediate to long term, in creativity, experimenting, empowering, and innovating — and companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon are eating the rest of the industry’s lunch. Get ready, because Apple will be your new bank, and Google will be your new cell phone and internet provider. The legacy companies are dying off like the dinosaurs. IBM and Blackberry are on my radar as some of the next to go down in flames. Microsoft, while struggling, is adapting, so I think they will make a comeback if they continue to change course.

We are lucky enough to be in the business of helping companies compete in this very daunting marketplace.  Give us a call if we can help you out.

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