“Kanban vs. Scrum: The Big Smackdown” — Video now on YouTube

A few weeks ago, I participated on a panel discussion at the January meeting of AgileDenver.  Be sure you click through to the link with the meeting description before you view the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

I hope no one will take this as me having a personal jihad on Kanban, because that is not true.  I do, however, hope to inspire people to stop, and think twice, before incorrectly applying Kanban as a software development approach.  In my earlier post, I talk about why I think that is a mistake.

I also hope no one will take this as me thinking Scrum is always better than Kanban or vice versa.  Context is everything, and I simply suggest that those approaches should be applied to the context for which they were designed.  I think people should also give great deference to the creators of the respective approaches in this regard, so as to avoid what Martin Fowler calls semantic diffusion.  While Fowler calls it semantic diffusion, I have always known it more simply as the telephone game.  Luckily, we have good shepherds around like Anderson, Schwaber, and Sutherland, to remind us of the original ideas.

I also want to reassure my blog followers that I don’t intend to spend a lot more time writing about Kanban vs. Scrum.  I have some new articles that are very Scrum specific coming soon.

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