Presentation At Mile High Agile 2011: User Stories – Best and Worst Practices


This presentation got its public debut at Mile High Agile 2011 in Denver.The abstract is below, but if I had the chance to write the abstract over again, I would make the point that I also introduce a User Story Maturity Model as part of the presentation. If you weren’t there at the conference, then you may have trouble following the presentation as the slides are not overly detailed. I hope to write an article or two in the coming months that expands on some of the concepts from the presentation.


Charles Bradley has coached several teams on how to get the most out of their User Stories and Scrum practices. In this session, we’ll explore some of the Best and Worst Practices when developing User Stories. We’re not talking the “INVEST” acronym here, we’re talking real life experiences of using and abusing User Stories. Each User Story abuse results in a negative consequence, which usually means process waste, or maybe a lack of confidence in the User Story practice altogether. We’ll also focus on the positive as well, discussing some User Story best practices, and how to encourage teams to move speedily from Worst Practice to Best Practice.

Link to Abstract on conference website.

I’ve posted the presentation and other presentation materials on my wiki site at:


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